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    "Wedding in Maremma"


     The birth of MExTE EVENTI

      We created a very special event company because  we saw a need for it, we wanted to do it and no one else was doing it like we knew we could do it! 
    We created MExTE - because we are Maria and Elena for YOUR events!   M.E.  for YOU!
    We like to play around, have some fun with life and with words!! ...but we are serious about our intention.
    We started playing with OUR NAME  -  Our name literally means US  for YOU !
    MExTE Maremma events was born so that you can discover the Maremma and all that it offers.
    Whether it is for a romantic wedding or an important conference – the emphasis is on having a unique and memorable experience.
    Our team will meticulously provide you with assistance and guidance to meet your every request.
    We believe that our passion for the work we do, our deep understanding of our land and the responsibility we feel for our customers satisfaction will guarantee your satisfaction.

    Where we are

    Write us to make an appointment and we will help you.


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