Team Building En - MexTe Maremma Eventi

"The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and run the risk of living their dreams."

- Paulo Coelho -

Team building in the south of Tuscany: Maremma Land

Team building in Tuscany to create unity and improve a good atmosphere in the group.

We offer leisure and educational activities that have a connection with the territory of Maremma. The typical cooking, wild nature, history, ancient traditions and legends of the villages, to stimulate participants both physically and mentally.

We offer emotional and funny activities because Maremma is good!




Some activities we offer:

Etruscan artisans 

you will know Etruscan art building the ancient instruments and jewels of the time.

You will be in the past and will realize, with the help of specialized trainers, ancient objects. The ladies will create prehistoric jewelry or jars, while the men will make stone or Etruscan shavers.





Maremman cooking lesson

Our chef will teach you cooking tricks and you will spend a day… with taste! You will be immersed in the atmosphere of the Maremma countryside and get to know the products at 0 km of the Farm: vegetables, wine and oil that come from these lands. The group, divided into teams, will have the objective of preparing lunch for all participants; for each group a recipe will be drawn. All participants together with the Chef will search for ingredients to be used, strictly local. At the end of the course will be issued a certificate of participation and will be voted the best dish, obviously at the end of the tasting!


Experience in the theater

Non-verbal communication to create synergy and cohabitation in the group.

You will create a theatrical show with the goal of union and aggregation. The historical theme of the ancient Etruscans is an inspiring choice for the creation of unique sets.



Music makes group

For goals such as sense of union, aggregation and above all fun it is advisable to structure a musical team building, because music is an important and emotional form of communication. Percussion music is a widely used format in which you will play musical instruments and be in harmony with the whole group.


Business games

Increase trust and relationship between you and improve listening, as basic goals for a team building focused on the game with working groups. You will have to engage in the resolution of managerial problems of various kinds, tied to example to the marketing and the logistics. A quiz or puzzle games are some of the games built to fit you.






Orienteering in Maremma Land

Usually orienteering is an orientation time trial with task subdivision within each group, which takes place using tools such as maps and compasses. Your team must reach the finish line as quickly as possible, passing through a series of control points (called lanterns). Particularly suitable to stimulate ingenuity, team play and organization in the division of tasks. There are many nature trails that lend themselves to this activity in our Maremma. From the sea to the mountains, passing through a wonderful countryside.  

Business games

This activity proposes a set of games to be played in team and puts to the test the physical and also intellectual abilities of the participants. The activity is designed to motivate and strengthen the team. The various groups compete in tests and skill games that allow them to collect useful points for the final result. 




Vintage car tour

A vintage car tour designed to strengthen the spirit of aggregation and competitiveness. The team divided into teams will face a path driving a vintage car. The course will be studied as a fun and entertaining activity for the participants, who will be called to make a game or fun activity at each stop. 




Speleologist for a day

The speleologist is the one who literally studies the caves and the exploratory activity is fascinating and exciting, as well as insidious. A group, more than ever in this activity, must be able to demonstrate characteristics of union and cohesion. It is in the narrowest and narrowest spaces, during the exploration of a cave, that it is necessary to be united and to help one another. During the guided excursion you can also make a hint of exploratory activities proper where you will refine the collaboration between the various participants. 




Art experience

Painting to learn and experience your own pictorial language. This is the primary goal we want to convey with this activity. A true artist will teach you the art of sketching using materials such as pencils and watercolors. An inner journey to express your emotions and feelings. Our landscapes of the Maremma are a real source of inspiration for paintings taken from the "real".

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